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You're looking to hire a professional moving company. Make sure they are just that by doing a little homework before you relocate.

Don't let your family get taken for a ride by a rogue mover. Know what should take place when the time arrives for transporting your household goods.

The right equipment makes all the difference.

You're about to trust a relocation company with your most prized possessions. Before the moving truck arrives, you should verify that the moving company you selected is licensed and insured. You can verify a moving company's U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) number online with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

If a rental truck arrives in place of a company-owned fleet truck, you should raise a red flag. Remember, if you have a bad feeling about your moving company, you have the right to stop the move before your goods are loaded onto the moving truck.

Proper equipment maintenance is a critical part of ensuring your household goods are delivered safely and on time. The DOT requires regular vehicle inspections on all moving trucks. The driver is responsible for meeting all federally regulated inspection requirements.

One moving company that takes great care in equipment maintenance and safety is Graebel, one of the world's largest relocation companies. Graebel's fleet of more than 2,200 mint-condition, fuel-efficient moving trucks feature air-ride suspension for maximum cargo protection and are regularly inspected according to safety standards that exceed those required by the DOT. As a multi-year industry award-winner for U.S. interstate safety, Graebel understands the importance and benefits of preventative maintenance and safe driving practices.

The key to a successful move ? your driver.

Your driver serves as the operator of the moving truck and the overall supervisor of the moving crew. Drivers should be certified, licensed, and thoroughly trained in relocating household goods. In general, if you like your driver, you're going to be happy with your relocation.

When the time arrives for your actual move, you can count on Graebel to provide you with one of the industry's finest, most experienced household goods drivers. Graebel maintains some of the highest industry standards for drivers. To become a Graebel-exclusive driver, individuals must meet the following minimum criteria:
  • Three years experience in household goods
  • 150 household goods moves
  • Successful written and over-the-road tests
  • Successful physical exam, drug screening, and vehicle inspection
  • Pass a thorough background check
Once drivers are hired, Graebel conducts random inspections, safety audits, and customer surveys to ensure their drivers continue to deliver outstanding performance and safety. Additionally, Graebel recognizes drivers who have maintained a safe driving record, earned high customer satisfaction scores, and have had low claims as members of the All Star Fleet?.

Know the sign of a reputable mover.

To help you select the right moving company, the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) developed the ProMoversm program. Designed to help consumers identify reputable, professional movers from potential con artists, the ProMover designation is fast-becoming the moving and storage industry's "seal of approval."

Awarded the ProMover designation, Graebel is dedicated to delivering high quality, value, and integrity. When you partner with Graebel for your relocation, you can count on professional service and an unrelenting commitment to excellence.

Pick a moving company you can trust.

When selecting a moving company for your next relocation, be sure you pick a reputable, reliable company.

Unfortunately, in today's world, anyone can claim to be a mover. So how can you hire with confidence?

The American Moving & Storage Association(AMSA) created an industry-wide certification program to assist you with your decision. The ProMover program provides you with a solid building block for finding the right moving company.

As a charter member of the AMSA ProMover program, Graebel is dedicated to delivering high quality, value, and integrity. When you partner with Graebel for your relocation, you can count on professional service and an unrelenting commitment to excellence.

Only moving companies that have met AMSA's strict membership requirements can call themselves ProMovers. Under these requirements, moving companies must:
  • Comply with all applicable state and federal laws
  • Uphold AMSA's Code of Ethics
  • Undergo a thorough background check by AMSA
  • Verify company ownership with the appropriate state corporation commission
  • Accurately depict their services and capabilities on their web sites and in their marketing materials
Moving companies that do not meet these standards will be stripped of their ProMover designation.

According to AMSA, "The ProMover program promotes ethical principles in the moving and storage industry and works with federal and state governments to mitigate unethical moving practices; it clearly separates professional movers from rogue operators masquerading as legitimate movers."

To confirm your moving company is designated a ProMover, visit the AMSA web site and look for the ProMover logo shown on this page.

By partnering only with a ProMover for your next relocation, you can be confident that you won't be taken for a ride by an unscrupulous and unprofessional company.

Know your moving rights and responsibilities

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) prepared a special booklet to inform you of your rights and responsibilities during your interstate move.

In "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move," you'll find information about your rights and responsibilities as a consumer. Your moving company is obligated by federal regulation to provide you with a copy of "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move."

The booklet contains updated information on federal regulations that affect moving companies, as well as information on moving company contracts, moving terms, and selecting a reputable moving company.

Paying for your move

Don't wait until the last minute to determine the payment plan for your relocation services.

After you receive your estimate for your home move, review payment terms with your moving company. By discussing payment early in the process, you can reduce stress and confirm the legitimacy of your moving company.

If the moving company requires an upfront deposit or pre-payment in cash, stop the move immediately. Remember, never accept an estimate that is not based on an in-home survey.

Most moving companies require moving charges be paid in cash, certified check, money order, or credit cards. If you plan to pay for your move by credit card, you must make payment arrangements prior to the pick up of your goods. Please note that most moving companies will not accept personal checks.

Payment for the moving services is due at the time of delivery.

Always ask about additional fees for moving services, and get the answers in writing. Additional labor, shuttle trucks, stairs, parking challenges, and other accommodations may increase your estimates.

For more information on how to pay your moving company, please refer to the American Moving and Storage Association's consumer handbook.

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